Saturday, November 03, 2007

reno update

Since I posted about the reno... we have since picked some laminate... a nice warm beech wood color... they even had enough for the dining room and living room...and it's not as expensive sas I thought it would be!!

The next morning... I was sitting on the couch looking at the ceiling and walls... thought it might be a good idea to paint the rooms first ( Albert had the same thoughts at work that morning too)... instead of 2 months later, kicking ourselves for not doing it before we put the floor
so off to home hardware I went and picked out some paint.... just a off white called "imagine" yep we're not adventurous with paint... and they had some flex rock there too... so I grabbed some pamphlettes about it...

The flex rock says "just roll it on" so we thought it would be easy.... We had taked the stippling off the ceiling, ( what a chore that was I tell ya, I have pics.... I'll post them later) and started to roll the flexrock on... we bought 1 can and it was supposed to do the ceilings of both rooms.... well we got 1/4 of the living room done and had only 1/2 a can of paint left... WTF!!! here the ceiling was sucking it up so badly.... We quit for the night and check out the flexrock website for info.... here's what the guys at homehardware didn't tell us.... PRIME the ceiling first... AND add 1/2 cup of water to the base coat of flexrock.... WELL, boy were we upset!!

So right now we're at the point that we primed the ceiling, and walls of the living room, and took the wallpaper down from the dining room.... we gave the first coat of paint to the living room as well... and tonight we'll do the second coat and probally the first coat of flexrock on the ceiling again!!

we're hoping to have all the painting done by next weekend since we have 3 days off to get the floors done... we've asked for Dads assistance in the cutting of the brds for the floor too... He's the handy man in the family... plus he has all the tools ;)

We've been getting all this done after work.... usually going to bed about 11 at night and getting up at 7 to get ready for work... I tell ya we're getting tuckered out... and the kids haven't had TV for days now... the tv is in the middle of the room... not even close to the plug DJ's doing ok with it... but sometimes I see Naiomi shaking.... it's withdrauls... lol... oh I'm sure she'll be fine... it's actually good for her ;0)

well I better get back to work

I'll post pics when I have time

catchya later


aksunflour said...

Oh teens will survive, unless you take all media access away. ie... phones, cell phones, ipods, computers and internet.

Good luck w/the remodeling. DH is playing w/plumbing today.

Telley said...

i'm actually quite perturbed with the whole "flexrock" sham, as i see it. have you noticed that the commercials claim "no priming" and "one coat", and something to the effect of how durable it is, with someone scrubbing off a mark. we repainted our entire upper floor with it, thinking it would be ideal for small children. yeah, like you said, it was not easy to apply and should be primed. nor is it easy to clean: basically, don't touch it. if you try to clean it it either won't come off, or the paint comes off too. even with just water. most cleaners will stain or discolor it.

Unknown said...

This stuff is aweful to apply as its thick, won't roller on and it's patchy.
All in all expensive way of covering a wall in money and time.