Sunday, November 11, 2007

I heart our living room

at about 2:30 this afternoon we started laying down the floor again...

in this pic you can see under the underlay where we had to add some mud:

handing off the camera to Naiomi here's her pics:

from the top of the stairs:

the register I ( yep me;) cut out with the jigsaw:

this little baby to be exact.

sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't, so you would gently have to hit it with a

at about 4:30 we're nearly done, so DJ started some shepards pie for supper

the lid fell off of the pepper!!!! thank goodness the meat wasn't in the pan and it wasn't turned on!! we did sneeze for a

see... totally empty!!! lol

only 3 rows to go... our BIL Mitch came by to see how things were going... good thing too since we needed some help with the last row, the cutting was way beyong both of us put together!!

there a few little things to do to the room, like one basebrd we forgot to bring into the house when we were painting the rest... just tiny minor things.

I'll post again when it's put together more...

I want a little corner for my wheel,( just past the banister to the left) across from the compuer ( which is to the right), I'm going to paint the computer desk too... something like a coffee stain color, at least the desk top

only 2 more posts until the big 500th!!

I think that'll mean a contest.



Kris said...

The new floor and everything look awesome! Great job on the ceiling too. It's funny that your hubby doesn't like molding. It's my easy-way-out routine. Lol! Hope you have a good weekend!

noricum said...

The floor looks great! (Wow, that would have been one spicy shepherd's pie!)