Monday, November 12, 2007

500 posts contest!!!!

Woo Hoo, I can't believe I made it to 500 posts on this blog, usually I move to a different blog before I get this far, but good ole purple is a fruit is good to me I
so onto the contest
keeping in the renovation theme, I want to hear about any reno you have done.
the good, the bad, the ugly (and had to start over) and the beautiful.
you will get one ticket in the bucket for your little story, and if you link to the contest on your blog, you get 2 extra tickets!!
I'll leave the contest open for 2 weeks from today so Nov 26th
I don't know what the prize will be, but something knitterly and if you spin, maybe something for that too... I haven't had time to look into the prize yet
catchya later!


Monika said...

Before we moved to Canada we bought an old farm house. It was over 100years old. We couldn't afford to life somewhere else, so we started renovating one room at the time, having two babies, and moved from one room to the next, until we were all around the house (the farm houses are built differently then here). When the rooms were done we had to do the outside, and the roof, the whole electircal stuff, the pipes, heating, - everything. My husband and I did most of it by ourself, with the help of family and friends. As hard as it was, we were young and it was fun. The fun thing was, we paid next to nothing for the house, when after 12 years of renovating we moved to Canada and sold the house, we got 5 times what we paid for. We had a few dangerous events, but mostly it was fun though.

Trish said...

When we bought this house almost 4 years ago, we spent two months fixing it up before we moved in. We did the Pergo flooring in the kitchen. Oh man, that was quite the project. We were both working full time and spent many late nights. We also had to use the backfill cuz our floor is soooo uneven! We are in a constant state of renovation here at chez princsstrish. Next up....the bathroom!!!!

noricum said...

I grew up in a house built in 1912, plus spent my summers in a cabin where we always had one project or anther... so it's really hard to think of a time when something *isn't* under renovation! ;) My parents started me early: when I was three, I helped wallpaper by holding the bottom away from the wall while my mom lined up the pattern. ;) It does make me shake my head at people who can't even install curtain rods.

This summer I helped put pine siding on the office addition my dad built so long ago that I can't really remember if I actually remember it being added or not. (It just had painted chipboard before now.) Dad primed the siding before it got cold, but didn't paint it. I've since learned that primer will go chalky and prevent the paint from adhering if you don't paint it fast enough, so now we'll have to sand that off and re-prime next spring! (Or whenever dad thinks it has enough importance to stop playing with his other stuff and getting around to getting back to it. It did take a while to get the siding, after all!)

Congrats on reaching 500 posts! :)

Kris said...

-squeals- I've become such a contest whore! x3

My first reno project that I ever helped out with was when we re-did the floor in the kitchen when I was about 10 years old. I was into all the business around the house and wanted to get my hands into anything that I could. I got to use the crowbar and peel up the old floor and then help cement the floor to prepare it for the new look. It was a complete mess under the floor, so we had no choice but to cement it up. Kinda like you had to do. Haha. Everything else that we really did was just little fixes that, like usual, I had to get involved in. But it was a lot of fun. And my dad always loved the extra hand!

Congrats on the 500 posts! ;)

Yarn Devil said...

Hey! Congrats on #500!! I will definatly post your contest on my blog..... and as for a reno project... well... which one? LOL How bout the deck.
We started out thinking we would like to have a deck to entertain and put the barbque on. Then Hubby thought... well... I want a roof, so we can barbque in the rain and not have to stand in it. Well if we put a roof on it we need a wall to hold up the roof... lets make half walls and screen the top half. If we do that then the rain can come in through the screen.... hmm.. Maybe we should build walls and put in windows. So, Now I have a very nice Laminate floored cold room. It has a base board heater to keep it from freezing and the laminate floor is easy to sweep up. It has a window... but it has cardboard over it as to not let in the light/heat. I love the little room... made some extra storage space, very nice that way. If you want to know about our latest.. it's on my blog(the closet) and I believe if you go way way back the shelves that Hubby built for me to store all my crap in my crafty room are there and the shelves in the kitchen.
Talk to you later!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Happy, that's a lot of posts. My renovations were this year, and happy good ones. I had my whole bathroom remodeled: took out the tub and had a walk in shower installed as well as a pedestal sink and new toilet, amazing tile work on the floor and shower wall, wainscoting on the walls. Had my dining area adjacent to the kitchen eliminated to put in a laundry closet, and my kitchen totally remodeled, all but the floor which was done a few years ago. New cabinets, granite counter, tiled backsplash, new appliances..the works. Also had my wooden front porch railings and posts replaced with new vinyl ones, and stair railings installed for the first time. My builder was really wonderful and talented and helped my vision become reality. I'm so pleased. I'm going to link your contest to my blog (i found your contest in jane's comments!)

Jane said...

There are no renovations going on at my house - they are all taking place at our cabin on a lake in the woods. It started out as a small addition - another bedroom and a screen porch and has turned into a two story 4 bedroom addition which is twice as big as the original cabin. I have no idea why we need that much room, considering there is no electricity or indoor plumbing in this cabin - but oh well, DH is doing it all himself and apparently enjoying it.
I'll link to your contest on my blog - 2 extra tickets!!!

Jane said...

There are no renovations going on at my house - they are all taking place at our cabin on a lake in the woods. It started out as a small addition - another bedroom and a screen porch and has turned into a two story 4 bedroom addition which is twice as big as the original cabin. I have no idea why we need that much room, considering there is no electricity or indoor plumbing in this cabin - but oh well, DH is doing it all himself and apparently enjoying it.
I'll link to your contest on my blog - 2 extra tickets!!!

aksunflour said...

Thanks to Jane for linking to this! I kind of lost your blog link.

And now for the contest entry, Renovations. Do I start w/the house which was built as homestead home in 1950, then added onto in 1960 and again in 1970? When I removed/attempted to remove wallpaper from the bathrooms when I was pregnant? The walls still have partial wallpaper as the wall behind the paper is plywood. Or do I tell you about DH's studio? That has 3 layers of paneling? And some kind of 1970 yellow laminate floor. Also our entryway (which was the garage) has been a work in progress for almost 3 years.

TricsH said...

We bought our farm approx 14 yrs ago.
The living room , hallway and bedrooms all had SHAG carpet. About 7 yrs ago we installed laminated flooring in the living room and hallway. What a difference!!!
Your living and dining rooms look awesome! WTG !

I'm adding a link on my blog ;)

Wendy said...

Growing up, Mom and Dad were always working on renovatig one rroom or another. They seem to have the rooms on a rotating schedule for renovation. But my favorite was when we did the dinning room. When we tore the walls down we found newspaper and horse hair used as insulation. It gave us a lot of information about when the house was built, but creepy.

Deborah Brown said...

Our shower stall managed somehow to get a crack in the bottom of it. We just lived with it for a long time, then I finally got tired of it and told my hubby that if he would rip out the fiberglass shower stall, stud in the opening and put in the wallboard, I would install ceramic tile. He asked have you ever done that before, I said no, and proceeded to go out and buy the tile, adhesive, tile cutter, grout, and that adhesvier spreader thingy and went to town! It took me a week to get it done, but we have the neatest ceramic time shower stall now.

Unknown said...


Congratulations on your 500th post, that is a job well done!...
My renovation story is as great as these other's that have been posted - but I have lived through the whole dreaded process....My husband and I lol fought the whole time..the house was a mess, wood, paint etc got to the point that I didn't even want to get out of bed in the morning cause I knew what was waiting for me lol...I don't envy you!..But the finished project is definitely worth it...we painted and redid the floors and I would definitely do it all over again!..

take care

cm8land said...

It's not really a renovation - it's a whole house build. We did a lot of the work ourselves and moved in before the house was finished so it felt like a renovation. I didn't have a kitchen sink when we moved in so I had to do all my dishes in the basement bathroom (the only working bathroom when we moved in)

Anonymous said...

LOL I've never done renovations because I haven't owned a house - but reading about other folks, I'm not sure I want to!

ikkinlala said...

Last Christmas when I went home from university we were in the middle of having rockwork done on the chimneys. The house was covered in old sheets and dust, most of the furniture was out of place (a fact I rediscovered painfully with my toes every day or two), and I was expected to get the holiday baking done in a very short amount of time because our (wood) stove couldn't be going while the chimney work was being done.

It turned out very nice in the end, but it was sure frustrating for a while.

LivingSmall said...

On weekend my while my husband was out of town I took everything out of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. I took everything off the walls. After I did all of this I washed a dried all the walls. I decided to paint it all by myself. I painted all of these rooms and then the hall also. When my husband came home he was shocked to see out pristine white walls a cornmeal yellow. I did bring all the furniture in before he got home but I did get him to help rearrange it once he got home.