Saturday, September 08, 2007

while I was at work.....

DJ made bread ( homemade bread... from scratch!!)
(She's 12... 13 on Oct 3rd.)
with her Gramma Carmas' Recipe
and took some pics:
Carma said to use a big cup for the yeast... this cup is about 1 liter
not quite big enough....

Rising and ready for baking:

Mmmmmm, YUMMY!!!

ok stop drooling on your

The recipe maked 10 loaves... there's 9 here... we ate the other one...


I love that DJ likes to bake!!


Yarn Devil said...

ooh Yummy!! That bread looks wonderful!! She does a good job by the looks of it!!

Oh, yes I like your spun fluffy a post or 2 down too... very pretty!!

Jane said...