Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the weekend

so lookie who decided that the barn isn't such a bad place to be??
yeppers... Sierra and Pebbles...
after halter breaking them, they would be so skittish about going into the barn... at first they wouldn't even go near the door....
and after bribbing them with treats I got them further and further in there....
I wanted them to be ok with being in there with someone for no reason and not just being in there to be caught.
Looks like it works...
I even seen pebbles in there one time when it was raining.... this is a good sign that she is learning and maybe next yr when she has the baby she might have some brains to go in there with the baby... and Seirra might just follow??
it's hard to see, but Pebbles is way in the back...
Our weekend was filled with the usual things... cutting grass, working on the shed, putting up snowfence, fixing things around the yard, and oh yeah doing about 12 loads of laundry.
I still made time for the fun stuff too!!
I bought some wool roving with silk threads off ebay a while back... with no color in the roving it was/is so boring to spin... I bet there's no chance of that now:

I added blue pink and yellow!

I hope it spins up ok ;)

I borrowed the kids tramp to dry it as my other fiber dryer was being used with some other wool I had washed.... black, grey and white

it's nice and dry~ clean~ and I started to card it yesterday too, it's it ever soft.. I love it... esp the grey!!

(sorry no pic)

and I also got a little knitting time in... I'm up to 20 repeats on the scarf!!

I love it, the pattern is memorized pretty easily and moves along fast enough to not get bored with it, I did a repeat or 2 not and then and wa la

1/2 a scarf:

here's a close up of the sts... very pretty!!

I might have to make this one again!!

Till next time.....


Deb said...

I love your alpacas! They are just too cute for words! Can I come see them in the spring when I go home? ;o)
And the roving... WOW! You sure you need all that gorgeous roving just for yourself? lol Can't wait to see it spun up!
The scarf is really beautiful too! I love the lace & cables together. I think I might have to get some of that blue Nizza for myself. ;o)

mittenswap hostess said...

The alpacas are adorable. We were on vacation in New Mexico last year and visited a great alpaca farm called Victory Ranch. I took so many pictures of them, just beautiful. Clever use of the trampoline, I like that!

Jane said...

That scarf is so pretty! Where is the pattern?