Sunday, September 30, 2007


I. Am. Sick.
I have a head cold... I've been starting to feel the beginings of it for a couple days now... but this morning it announced
"I"M HERE!!!"
I feel like my head is going to explode....
I can't knit or anything... I just lie there on the couch watching TV.
mostly Animal Planet, but now Shek is on, I'm just about too tired to care.
I hope I feel better, I have to work tomorrow.
I'm off to raid the medicine cabinette.
sniffle, sneeze, honk.


noricum said...

*hugs* Feel better soon!

aksunflour said...

At least you have a selection of shows to watch while your body fights the cold. DH has an awesome remedy... it'll take the paint off of the walls if it doesn't cure you. Just don't take it before going to work the next day!

Deb said...

Hope you get well soon. It's the pits to feel like the pits. :(

Thanks for the goodie package. It came today and I LOVE everything. You're a gem!