Friday, September 14, 2007

I went to Georgia!!!

Thanks Deb for the great vacation to Georgia!!!
and I must say you took me EVERYWHERE!!
look at all the fun we had:

check out all the goodies!!
lavendar candles, a teleidoscope, a back scratcher!
a fridge magnet, some cotton lotion... thats smells GREAT!!
a collectors spoon, a neato little pottery thing ( it's the blue one in the middle)?? I think I'm going to buy some pretty little silk flowers for it and hang it by my computer, a couple keychains, a bell for when I'm sick and need some tea :0)
and some row counters.

and how adorable are those sheepy notepads, cards and magnet??

and I didn't get a close up pic of it, but all my circs have a nice new little home!!

they're happy since they were homeless living in a little bag!!

another closeup:

Deb thanks SO much for everything!!


sophanne said...

Dandy- you're a blogger that can cover the entire souvenir gamut- I love it. I still use my back scratcher from a family beach trip to Ocean City MD. You can't even find back scratchers unless you're in a souvenir shop!

Deb said...

What a totally awesome package. She sure did spoil ya! ;o)

Jane said...

You went to Georgia to visit Deb and you didn't take me with you!
Well - I was close - I went to North Carolina - but I didn't get to see anything while I was there LOL.