Friday, July 13, 2007

some knittin's been done

I haven't been in a big knitting mood lately... but needed to have something fast, easy and mindless on the needles... so dishcloths it is!!
the yellow one with the black dot is Bobbles the Sheep
the purpley one is just a regular basic pattern, cast on 4, inc 1 sts each side until you have 44 sts, then dec 1 sts per side until you have 4 sts, cast off
the one on top is 4 corners
the the infamous garterlac dishcloth
the round one right below that is the pinwheel cloth
and some tribbles!

Steven is getting baptized on the 29th, So I'm making him
I had to stick with the easy fast mindless theme for the blanket.
all it is, is a oversized dishcloth with a lace edge.
I'm planning on knitting it until the edge measures about 36 inches ( I'm at 20 now)
then I'll see how much yarn I have left for the edging.
I was hoping for it to be in the same color, but might have to be a different color or left off all together... I guess that'll be depending on my mood and the time left.

not much to look at now huh??


Laurie said...

Just cruising through blogs from KVVS and wanted to say hello. I also was part of the knitter coffee swap!

How many "fiber producers" do you have? I enjoyed the pictures of Pebbles. A bit on the wild side? I assume you do your own spinning? I can't wait to see what is produced from the "hair cuts"!

Anonymous said...

love all the knitting you have done. hoping i get some time to do some sometime soon.. lol