Friday, July 06, 2007

She's broken...

We took Pebbles for her first walk tonight... we kept the rope system on that floyd had on her, but soon took that off as it was more of a fight with it on...

here she is on round one around the yard.

( Albert taking her on her first walk)
and here's a better pic of her ugly hair cut... you can see where the rope was around her, just behind the shoulders.

it's kinda a poodle cut, when I was doing her tail she kept twiching probally thinking it was a fly or something so the end is a little puffy.

Here I'm taking her around:

I tell ya, what a totally different animal from a couple days ago

Much camler and you can pet her with out her running away from you.

We added a bit of rope on the halter so she'll be easier to catch over the next few days and we'll take her around the yard some more until she comes easily.

chillin' with her girl Sierra

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