Monday, July 23, 2007

my ITE 4 tote came today!!!!

Lisa I love it all thanks so much

here's what Lisa said about the bags and the goodies:

The Bags
-the larger bag is made of Noro and Cascade, it was not the first pattern that I started for this exchange, the other bag still doesn’t have handles on it. I really like the way this one turned out and I love the colors. I hope you do to
-the smaller bag is also made of Noro, it is another one of their yarns and it was very yummy to knit with. The twists in the yarn give it a little bit of a different feel when you knit with it.
The Pink and Yellow Tube looking things.
I went to Austin for the weekend after my birthday. One of the places I had to hit of course was IKEA….I do love that store
I don’t know if you have an issue with your stash of yarn or fibers, but I have a bit of stash issue at my house…it doesn’t stop me from buying more yarn though….perish the thought!
The Tubes have a loop on the top of them and they make wonderful hanging stash holders!!
I have a couple of them myself…I had one at the house in black already, and they had come out with some new colors when I was at the store this time….if you don’t want to use them for yarn they are actually from the children’s area and they are good for stuffed animals, small clothes, ect. More sturdy than they might look.
Tape Measure-
I think it’s a cute one…I got one for me, too. I can never find mine when I am looking for it.
The little Pink container.
Something else I got when in Austin for my birthday. Had a coupon for Sephora, make up store.
Everyone needs some lip gloss, but it is the perfect size for stitch markers. (see my comment on Tape measure above. )
Bath and Body Lotion
This is my favorite scent from bath and body works.
Of course since it is my favorite, it was discontinued. Therefore, whenever they have their biannual sale they bring it back and I stock up on it…I hope you like it!
I love to try knitting with different yarns. When I was in Austin earlier this month, I spent some quality time at 2 different yarn stores. At the second store, (the one I learned to knit at- Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe) Pat, the owner was knitting this pattern. I really liked it and wanted to try the new HEMP that they had gotten in at the store. I had never knitted with it before and it eased up as I knitted with it. The girls at the store said that it also softens up as you use it. I also made one for myself and I really like it
Everyone needs some chocolate…this also came from IKEA.
Last but not least I needed to get you some yarn…..
Since you have your own animals that you get fleece from, I wanted to get you some yarn that you wouldn’t necessarily have at home. I have given some of the corn fiber yarn in one of the other tote exchanges I have participated in. I have yet to knit with it myself yet, but I have heard that it is a pleasure to work with. I hope you have fun with it.


Alana said...

Wow!! It's fun to see all your cute things! This swap has been so much fun--I had a great spoiler, too!

Jane said...

You got just what you deserved.. A great swap package!