Saturday, June 16, 2007

A cardi for the Steve man....

This is what I've been working on lately... well this and the bag for the tote 4 exchange.
I'm just about done... I just have to finish the sleeves then re-seam the hood, I did a 3 needle bind off thinking it would look ok, but it doesn't, so I'll try the kitchener. and see how that looks.. probally way better I'd imagine.

and now how about a little baby cuteness:
This the June 14 th pic.
Looks like he's saying
"what did I do??"


what a sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous little bubby!! I can see why you like to knit for him!

And I got that wool I did Rachelle's glovey things from you back in April 2005!!! So its over 2 years old! Our first swap it was..


Jane's Designs said...

What a sweet baby. You are very blessed.