Friday, April 06, 2007


Trellis is off the needles!

After all the touble I'm pretty sure that I'd knit it again.

it's fast and cute, and after working the back the pattern is pretty much ingrained in your head which makes the fronts and sleeves go much faster as well!

I'm going to wash and dry it, and hopefully that'll help with the softness and to maybe get some shape into it.

When we go to the city for the baby shower, we'll have to stop at wally world to get some buttons so I can whip them on just before I give it to Chad and Christy.

Next on the FO list are the easter Socks for Lincoln... will work on those tomorrow, all I have left is the foot and toe of one sock.

Will post a pic when they're done.

Happy Easter Everyone!!


Unknown said...

wow i love your sweater! it's beautiful and the color is to die for!

Anonymous said...

I am standing by that looks GORGEOUS!! you did a fantastic job!