Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daisies Shower

Today was the day for the shower for my SIL Christy... there was games and food.... presents and food... laughing and did I mention the food?? lol

I picked up some buttons at wally world when we got to the city, I put them on the cardi while Albert hit EVERY bump on the way to Christys moms place for the shower!!

But I got them on and she loved it!

on the way back home we stopped at the pet store and picked up another little hamster, this time we got a golden hamster, she's a female a couple months old... we called her Daisy.
(sorry for the crappy pic, but it's late and we want her to get settled before we bug her too much)

You know I really missed having a little hamster in the house... I'd be cutting veges thinking I'll cut a small piece for the hammies... nope, they're gone. crap.
I loved watching them run on the wheel at night too... I'd listen for the wheel to be moving just before I'd go to bed, and watch for a bit... they were loads of fun.
those 2 little hammies sure were missed, but we're going to have lots of fun with this little girl as well!

Daisy has already taken a peice of lettuce out of my fingers so I think she shouldn't be to hard to tame.
nighty night kids, I'm off to bed.
I have to work again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the jacket was loved..

what a cute little new member of your family!!