Wednesday, March 28, 2007

with a V

They're spelling Steven with a V.

I started on his gift.

I'm using some acrylic purple that I got from a garage sale... there's lots of it so it's a good stash buster!

It's a 4 ply yarn and I'm using the 4.5mm needle that the pattern states.. I cast on the for 12 month size...



( like a sz 3 or 4??)

Go to work and thing about it.

Back at home I decided to frog

( Tricia, I can hear that)

I found some thinner yarn and cast on again.




frog again!!

try the 4 ply purple with 4mm needles.

still to small


throw it in the corner

teach Naiomi a few "french"words

pick it up again, using the 4.5 and the purple

I cast on for the smallest size ( 6mth)

measure, still not on gauge but it's workable.

I'll have to fudge the rest of it.

but it's cute.

It should fit him in the fall.


Yarn Devil said...

That will be very Sweet when its done!!!

Unknown said...

That will be adorable.

I've always been partial to Stephen over Steven.

I read once about a man who went to the airport, after making his reservations on the phone. They couldn't find them in the computer anywhere, and finally found them under Pheven. He'd told them on the phone that his name was Stephen with a ph.

TricsH said...

I never said a THING!! Sheesh!!
;) It will be cute when its completed! AND I ONLY Frogged the last project uh once. no ok .. TWICE!!

Anonymous said...

oooh I am loving that colour! I cant wait to see it finished!

Bugger about having to try it so many times..

BTW..had a vet look at Seirra yet? It was that one wasnt it?