Saturday, March 24, 2007

a beautiful day

it was so nice out today I just had to play outside just about the whole day.. first I made some trenches so the water would flow better by out garage... Then I took Mona out for a mile or so walk... even she was getting tired after all that.. she's put on a little winter weight too so really we both needed the
then this afternoon I was out taking pictures:
Here's Charlie.. he looks mean in the pic but he's really just meowing.

catching a few rays by his fav tree... right between our house and our neighbours, Betty.
the cutest little alpaca ever!!

( how could you not love a face like that, and she has a sweet personality to match)

Pebbles, taking after Uncle Buck with those teeth.

Buckie, he looks perturbed here??

Whatchya doing with that camera??

what a great day

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Jane said...

Awww - Uncle Buck! That's my Uncle Buck! I have some of him sitting right here by my computer so I can pet him. Still having decided what to knit with him.