Monday, January 08, 2007

Albert robbed a little old lady.....??

Albert went to play cards last night and I was sleeping when he came home. In the fridge this morning was 3 jars of homemade pickles and carrots, 14 doz perogies
and a banana loaf ( with chocolate chips, my fav!) on the counter. What the heck, Albert must of robbed a little old lady on the way home!!
He phones from work a few hrs later, and I asked him who he got them from...
Ali's baba.
Remember when I put this afghan together for Naiomis friend:

Well I didn't expect anything for doing it... but all that food... I should make her another afghan!
We're having perogies tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

what on EARTH are perogies!?!?!

Sounds like a good loot...even if Albert had to rob a grannie ;)

Dandy said...

Kate, perogies are a good ukrainian food... here's a link
they're super good fried with butter and onions and then eat then with sour cream and some bacon bits!!