Monday, September 25, 2006


Albert got back from hunting yesterday.. got himself a elk.
I know it looks nasty, but thats what he does for fun once a yr.

and a little cat adopted us.... Introducing Charlie, a little male cat. Now living where we do, ppl always drop they're animals off's sad, if ppl can't look after they're animals babies they should get them fixed so they won't have little ones! Our dogs and cat are all fixed, and I'm not to sure if I want to get him done or not?I guess we'll see how long he's around since he is a tomcat. This little dude is very friendly and must of been someones pet. With us having all the hay around for the pacas, having him here to help control the mice will be great... Suzie is a awsome mouser, but might need some help.The pacas are going great, they are running up to us now when we go in to feed them.. Pebbles just about ran me over the other we're finally petting them more and more, and I really can't wait till spring when we can cut off the fiber and start spinning... Pebbles isn't as soft as an alpaca, took after the llama there a bit, but Sierra is so soft, you just want to hold her and rub your fingers thru her... lol
I'm up to row 9 of the swallowtail shawl, and for some mindless knitting I started the pinwheel baby blanket.

I finished a baby hat to go with the cardi I made ( pic below) I just have to tuck in the ends.

till next time


metal and knit said...

Nice alapcas some nice micron range i guess from your descriptions. I love the fibre i get supplied from my farms i knit for it is just divine.

Ruth said...

Hmmm - can you spin elk hair? You know, using all parts of the animal and all that... Seriously, I love venison (not that I know anyone who hunts at the moment) and I always figure they die much happier than a cow in a feedlot.