Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a fo and wip

here's the baby cardy I was working on this past weekend, the flecks of color are purple green and orange. I still have to make the matching hat. it's cute and fast.
*edit: I used redheart yarn( off white) for the sweater, the baby's dad is very alergic to wool, and the g'ma is afraid the baby will be too, so I took the safe route so the baby could wear it.
still looking for the perfect buttons
and I started the swallowtail shawl last night, I got my knitpicks needles yesterday, so I just had to cast on and try them out... and I must say I LOVE them!! way better than the ones I was using ( from wally world) I've finished 4 repeats... it'll be small enough to wear as a scarf, using only 1 skein of yarn. I'm using knitpicks shadow in sunset with needle better not take to long.. I have socks to finish.. but that just might be my socktober project!

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Anonymous said...

Oh YAY I can comment!!

LOVE the little cardigan!

Shawl looks gorgeous too! Love the colour!