Saturday, August 19, 2006

today was......

garage sale day at our place....

we started last night actually... from 5 to 8, had a few ppl come, sold a older TV we were using for the playstation.
( don't worry we have a different one for the kids so they arn't
today was pretty slow... sold some but not enough to be proud of.
this is the before pic... and the after is pretty much the same.. minus one bike, and a few other goodies.
ppl must be at the lake ( it's +25c) or in the city getting school supplies.
We're planning on having it again next weekend.. maybe more will be around??
I started another sock and have it about 1/2 done, my boss at the $$ store is leaving in a few weeks, and since she always looks at my funky hand knit socks, she's getting her own pair.
we've had a few clashes, but other than that we get along fine and we'll ( us at the store) will miss her.
heres the sock:

cast on 34 sts (provisional) on 2.5mm 40 inch circs

knit Wendy's toe

Lace sock Pattern ( with a few tweeks to fit my needs)

the yarn is knitpicks tropical sunrise

I liked the look of the gramma socks but didn't want to do the same pattern in these socks and found this easy lace pattern....

till next time


eve knits said...

Great Blog and wonderful socks. I can't wait to see the completed Tulip socks. (Tulips are my favorite flower ) BTW, where did you find the pattern? I'd love to know!

Happy Knitting!

noricum said...

Sock looks great! I love how that yarn looks with that lace pattern.

Anonymous said...

New socks are looking great.

I have been making the Knitty Thuja socks at the moment. I am making em for all the days for fathers day next month. Its a great pattern. would be perfect for Canadas cold winters! lol