Saturday, July 22, 2006

do garage sales rock or what??

I got this set of "Woodhill" dishes for $8.. it's not a full set but close enough for that price
6 cups, 7 saucers, 5 bowls, 6 sm plates and 7 lg plates. there are 3 different flowers around the edge.. very pretty and right in the middle there is a "speedy wool winder"
it's complete and is in perfect working condition, ( I know cuz I tried it out already ;~))
it makes a cute little 2 oz ball... and do you know the price??
go on......guess??

yep I know... what a deal... and I just about missed it, I was paying for my dishes and turned around to look again and there it was on the shelf....

Atanother sale I picked up a miter box and saw for $5

a box of yarn for $1.50... she wanted $3 for the whole box and I seen some handspun in there so I told her I just wanted to buy the 4 balls of that so she said 1/2 price for all of it.. there were a few dpn's and a yarn needle too.. and in the bottom a slipper with a worn out bottom.. that the lady must of been keeping for a pattern?!!? gross.

I also got 13 zippers for $3, a comtainer of buttons for .25 cents

3 pairs of frogs for .25 cents

and a pattern for making shorts for the girls. I probally spend $25 all together, with the stuff I bought for the kids too.

all in all not a bad day for sales!!

this is the hand spun I wanted

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Trics said...

Wow! wtg on the garage sale finds!!