Sunday, July 16, 2006

bunny shearing day

it was time to trim the rabbits today.. and boy did they need it!
the boys esp, they were matted pretty bad, but I did manage to save most of the fiber, and george what a trooper she is... gotta love her, so much fiber and just about NO matting at all!!
here's her before :
(getting a little cuddle from Naiomi)
and after in all her nakedness:
poor thing is cold outside, good thing it's warm out!
+25c today
I knit today too... woo hoo
only 1 row on each of my tuplip socks.
big whoop do de do da?!?!
I lost my knitting mogo...
altho I did make a couple cell cozies.. crocheted them from my handspun.
I made one more watermelon cozie... mom wanted one after she seen mine.
till next time...

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Donna (Random Knits) said...

I can't believe the bunnies just sit and let you shear them. Twinkie won't even let us brush her!

Random Knits