Sunday, May 28, 2006

dyeing to navajo ply

I've been reading about navajo plying for some time now on blogs but never really looked into it more, it just looked like regular plying to me... but little did I know it's so different, so I grabbed some of my cheaper roving split it in half ( 4 ozs) and dyed it up last night

, now I told myself when I started to only do half, just incase I didn't like how it turned out... but I loved it and wished I had done more.. duh, stupid me I so I tried to do the rest the same and it turned out totally different and I hate it... the pic is the roving I love... pinks purples blue green turquoise and browns... the other is the same colors just different patterning.

it's not quite dry yet, but is sitting on top of the register, so I'm hoping by noon I can start spinning...

I haven't knit a stitch on the tulip socks in weeks, I love the pattern, just not feeling the need to knit at the moment

I ordered this pattern

from Vintage Knits ... I've been looking for a pattern like this for months, I'm so glad I found that site!!

I won this and this from Ebay and am planning to spin them together, for the sweater.

don't you just love the maple sugar colors, mmmmmmmm lovely!

till next time

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Anonymous said...

oooooh that fleece is lovely...

That jacket is gorgeous.

and what you won is just lovely too.