Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Fun

when you have nothing better to do on a saturday, set up shop on the deck:

I dyed some silk a while back, and used the new neon food coloring colors, looks great here before muking it in the mic, but when I rinsed it, most of the brightness came out... now either I didn't use enough vinegar or food coloring and silk don't mix well??
this is what I got... about 2 ozs of some what muted colors... some of the blue and pink did turn out very bright, the green may as well not even been on there at all, as it's just about white. I did get nice bits of purple and some orange too. I wonder how many yards of silk I spun?? Hmmmmmmm
I found some grey wool in the wool box that needed to be spun, I probally got it off of ebay, there was some vege matter in it, but not to much, lots came out while spinning and plying.
and plied with the silk, does it ever sparkle ;~)
on the noddy
and hanging, no extra twist in it or anything.. I'm pretty happy with this!!
and a close up sparkling in the sun.

what a good day.... 158 yrds of wooly silky 2 plied goodness

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