Monday, March 20, 2006

sew lately?

I made a sock yarn tote tonight:
my own pattern, I used a becel lid for the pattern for the bottom, then figured out the circumfrence of the circle... which was a tad to small... ( I was never good at math), but made it work out anyway.
I made 2 pieces... so it's reversable too!!

( thats trekking XXL color 100 knit on 2.25mm needles with 19 sts to each needle)
I knew you were ;~)

and here it is reversed....

it really didn't take that long to make, a couple hrs maybe?

that includes thinking time, and chatting with Trish

till next time

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!

I am actually knitting socks at the moment too (among other things) for Rachelle to cover the Project Spectrum I am in.