Wednesday, March 29, 2006

one sock and a mouse

Ifinished sock one last night.. late last night... I still have to tuck in the ends, but it's done.

here's a close up of the cable..
and I made a mouse last night too.
I used Wendys pattern isn't is cute
Our cat hates it tho... she's never been a cat for toys,
she's always been a hunter, and would prefer a real mouse than this fake one
I tried to throw at her lol... it's ok... mom has a cat who loves toys,
so it'll go to her place today


Unknown said...

that mouse is sooo cute. i love the socks.. great job!

amanda j said...

That sock is to die for. I love it! You are very clever. Love the mouse too. Your cat doesn't know what it is missing.

noricum said...

Great socks!

The squirrels are being rehabbed. I've got lots more photos!

Anonymous said...

what yarn is the mouse made out of? and did you design that pattern? I love cables!!!

Great the sock..