Wednesday, February 08, 2006

been awhile

life has been kinda hectic... working like crazy last week then this week we got bad news..

Alberts mom died monday night of a heart attack. She wasn't sick or anything, the coroner said she didn't suffer at all, and was gone before she knew what was happening, it's sad to see her go, but also glad that she didn't have to suffer with anything and went fast... it's the best way I think. The funeral will be on Saturday. We seem to be getting thru it ok.. the kids stayed home yesterday but went today which was probally good( kept their minds on other things), they wanted to go so we didn't force them to stay home.

so needless to say things have been kinda crazy here, I started a new project today to keep my mind busy and thank goodness I can start on Eris soon, that'll keep my mind busy for sure... I swatched the other day and got gauge with the first set of needles... now you can't beat that huh?

well better go, thought I should give a little update as I haven't blogged in a while.

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