Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year’s Resolution

ok, we're doing a TOTAL HOUSE CLEANING
yep sucky, but Alberts panties are all in a bunch and is in a cleaning mood.
What happens we start in the upper most room take everything out, wash walls, shampoo the floors then go thru everything and throw out everything and anything we don't need, alot of the stuff will go to Community Living, but alot should belong in the dump.
I started in my craft room, well, it's a tiny room and it's FULL!!!
I have 2 large tubs with fiber, spun and unspun, and loads of acrylic yarn, which I'm also not getting rid of, becuz DJ has started crocheting and is making a granny square blanket
SO, my New Year’s Resolution is ...
to buy no more yarn or fiber untill I use up most of what I have!!
Do I think I can do it??
I'm not to sure.
probally not
but because of a lack of space I have to give it a
Have a great 2006!

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