Monday, December 05, 2005

took the day off and.....

boy did I use it
I have 2... yes 2 FO's!!!
first off was some crocheted felted slippers... blocking as I type.. they're for Alberts nephews wife. I hope they fir her... they fit my feet nicely so if she has bigger feet then me I'll have to make another pair.. :~S

and my thrummed mittens are done..

just a few ends to tuck in

...they're so warm...

gotta thrummed mitts!!

Now I'm working on some mitts that a lady had ordered at the craft show

they're crocheted so I should have them done fairly soon too,

which'll be great then I can finally pick up Rogue again...

I've cast on and done the ribbing of the sleaves, and left it alone to work on Xmas things.

till next time.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They both look great!

Hope the slippers fit.

Cant wait to see more or Rogue! Bet you will love wearing it this winter.