Friday, October 21, 2005

Socktober 21st 2005

I got the yarn I was waiting for... I totally splurged and bought some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn
colorway Fall Foliage, it just screams "autumn", the pic isn't close to the color... it way brighter, oranges, pinks, purples, tans and browns.

I'm making Chevron socks, I'm some what making them my own way, the pattern I found is a cuff down one, but I love toe up socks ...... so... I'm changing it the way I want I hope it works!
I know I won't get these done before the end of oct.... ok maybe by the end of the next socktober... lol...
Trish and myself are going into a craft show together the end of Nov. so I'll be busy making more "stuff" for that... I probally have enough, but I'd hate to run out too ;~S
I'm planning on doing some spinning for it too, and even sell some of it at the sale...
I've been crocheting angel dishcloths the past couple days, they are so cute but boy do they take a lot of time, I figured there are about 450 to 500 sts on the last row... pretty good considering that it's only about 4 inches
Will post a pic of them when I tuck in the ends
Till next time.....

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