Thursday, September 29, 2005

rogue spinning

rogue spinning
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I bought the rogue pattern a while back now... since I'm new at spinning I thought I'd spin the yarn for this... I started 2 days ago and have 368 yards done, spinning and plying 2 bobbins a night... what I'm thinking now is



I'm hoping it won't take forever to spin it all up, I'm planning to spin the amount for the biggest size 1500yrds, that way I'll know I'm sure to have enough, I'm planning on making the 39" boobage size, I like my sweaters a bit on the big size, that way I'll have loads of room for growth ;~)

The roving I bought from Little Barn Fibers is a light grey and a light lavender which I'm spinning together, when the light is right I'll take a pic of them... so pretty.

till next time keep spinning... I know I'll


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Anonymous said...

Oooooooh I cant wait to see the yarn. I love that pattern. I might have to get it one day soon


Suburban Hooker said... said "boobage"