Tuesday, July 19, 2005

too many WIP's

I was going thru my stash to find something new to cast on, and what a suprise, I knew I had wip's somewhere, but just how many......

1. backroads socks ( just about done the second, probally 4 inches to go)
2. Old shale socks ( just about done the first sock, probally 2 inches to go, and to make the second)
3. Ribby Cardi ( have about 15 inches of the back done, this might be frogged??)
4. A hat I was planning on trying out my handspun, will be frogged also, it's not soft at all, very scratchy!
5. Branching Out #2 I'm at 13 repeats, this one will be done tho for sure, it's a fun knit.
6. A ribbed sweater I was planning on knitting, on pattern... which is a bad idea, since I know nothing about knitting a sweater! might be frogged when I find the right pattern.

and then you know what happened??

Yarn Harlot went and posted a pic of Brainygirl with her Ruffles scarf, how cute is that?? LOVE that scarf... and I have just the yarn for it... I spun up some some 2 ply in a natural color, that I want to dye some wild color, and I bet it would look awsome as ruffles....

in time tho.... in time

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