Friday, July 22, 2005

One End Wristlette (shoulder) bag before felting

here's my wristlette bag, which I turned into a shoulder bag for shits and giggles, this is before felting, I had used some handspun, and some yarn from Kate for the edging, I embroidered 1 little flower on each side.
it's 8 inches flat across the bag, 13 inches to the top of the smaller handle and 24 inches to the top of the longer handle...
I just took it out of the washer, and did it EVER felt!! omg it shrunk.... ALOT... more than I would of liked, but I found a container quite large and I squeezed it inside the bag, and I probally will get 1 to 1 1/2 more inches out of it... I'll take another pic tomorrow after it's all dried and new measurements too..

keep knitting, crocheting or spinning till next time

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