Tuesday, July 05, 2005

koko and george

koko and george
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The bunnies came home today, earlier than expected, the mom weaned them already so they're ready...

the brown one is "Koko" and is mine, the grey is "George" and is DJ's and the white glow you see is Naiomi's bunnie "Carrots"

they are so fuzzy and adorable

we're glad they're home


noricum said...

They're so cute!!! (Do you need a geiger counter for Carrots? ;) )

Anonymous said...

They are so gorgeous!! I want one now!!! Or two..LOL..they are so fluffy looking


Jewels said...

Oh what sweet little bunnyfluffs.

Diane said...

Your baby bunnies are so fluffy and cute!

I love the name of your blog--my husband is a huge Simpsons fan--"Purple is a fruit" is one of the quotes he often says to me.

Dandy said...

yeah they're pretty sweet, even Albert takes 10 mins before he goes to work in the morning to play with them.. I think he should of got his own..lol..

Diane, thats exactly where I got the name from..lol.. too funny