Sunday, July 10, 2005

fuzzy butts

Just wanted to show off some better pics of the newest fuzzies in the family:
and Koko.
Here's a better pic of the coloring that Koko has...
white at the base,to grey, to a tanny/brown at the tips.
He's going to make some lovely hats and mittens some day.

I went to dad's this morning, he's working on a bottom for the jumbo flyer I won off of eBay, doing good so far, he did the legs and base where the flyer will sit.

He just has to make the wheel and treadle, I have to find some rubber to attach the treadle to the wheel...

He says it should be a 3 to 4 day job...

I should be plying by next week!


Anonymous said...

aaaaw they are so cute and little and fluffy!!! Are you gonna spin their fur up when they are older?


Dandy said...

you betcha!

Anonymous said...

wicked!! cant wait to see some of the yarn ;)


dee said...

These pictures are adorable. Have you ever considered making a postcard site of them?

I'm glad I surfed by, I enjoyed your blog very much.