Thursday, July 28, 2005

camo pack

my newest little bag, somewhat created from my last pattern for the wristlette bag, the body and flap are crocheted all in one piece, just adding the handle afterwards.... This was crocheted in about 3 days ( would of been quicker but I had to go shopping on my day off...) and you know what??? There is NO 100% wool in Yorkton!! How am I going to felt bags if there is no felting wool?? yeah I don't know either... bummer... I guess I can shop at knitpicks or eBay....
oh the woo's of a fiber artist


Anonymous said...

LOVE the bag!! LOVE the fabric you used too! I just love Camo! Bugger about not pure wool being near you :S


milfcritic said...

camel toe lyric