Tuesday, June 21, 2005

DJ's class trip bag

DJ's class trip bag
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DJ's going on a class trip tomorrow and asked if she could make a bag for it,

she did the sewing of the inside and outside pieces for the bag and also did the handle,

all I had to do was sew the pieces together...

not to bad for a 11 yr old huh,

I really like how it turned out,

and I hope she lets me use it...

ok well I WILL use it..... before it gets all dirty and grimy.

Then Naiomi wants a bag for swimming,

ok generally I'm a one bag a night kind of girl,

but I said sure I will, cuz I'm supermom!! lol...

In the spinning news I've stalled , not for a lack of wool, but for a lack of bobbins.

I won this so I can ply the singles, but it'll probally take about a month to get to me, I'm sure customs will like to have a looksee, they seem to be VERY interested in the stuff I buy, I think they're jealous, of all the awsome deals I get... yeah that it!

those buggers cut open a bag of beads, that were in a CLEAR ZIPPED LOCK BAG, and did they at least tape the bag shut after.. NO... they put it back in the pkg and put their lovely yellow tape on it, so when I open it I get a bag of beads on the floor, you bet I was cursing Canada customs that day!!!

I started making a hat out of some of my homespun too, I wanted to see how it would knit up and well I like it... yeah theres a suprise huh...lol... I don't know if it's fit any head in my house, but damn it looks nice, maybe it'll go in my crafts for sale when it's done... I do have a bunch of stuff to add in there, one day soon, I will, I promise.

ok nighty nite kids

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