Friday, June 24, 2005


dangle earrings
Originally uploaded by DandyLion1974.

DJ wants to join the crafty bandwagon, she made these earrings last night and now thet are on eBay... you can check them out >>here<<

in other news...

Naiomi has sold her yarn again, she's doing better than me... I tell ya, what a kid, BUT the best part is that the lady that bought it this time also wants her to make her more!!

4 - 75 yard skeins.... how cool is that??


that will push her over half way to getting her wheel

( then I can finally use mine again ;~) lol)

Naiomi gets to dye the skeins too, and she said the more slubby and nubby the better, which is good, cuz Naiomi can make that no problem!

isn't that exciting!!

have a great day


noricum said...

Nice earrings! (Too bad I'm allergic. *sigh*) Is one star "upside-down" on purpose?

Dandy said...

yeah I noticed that too, and it's fixed now... she does make some cute earrings, she can even whip up a pair in 5 mins to go with a new outfit... lol

Anonymous said...

ear rings look great.

also great about Naiomis yarn sale..Mind you..would wonder why she is ordering so much..she isnt selling it is she? Bet Naiomi is over the moon.