Monday, June 27, 2005

branching out scarf

branching out scarf
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I restarted Branching Out, I had started with some homespun that I did, but for some reason it just didn't look good, I had 4 repeats and frogged it!?!
Now I'm using Twinkle Toes yarn off of eBay so I don't know the colorway, but it's pretty isn't it?? I love the purply/blue with the touch of orange.

Sorry I didn't crop out my GINORMOUS fingers, just try not to look directly at

so far this morning I've got out of bed ( which is huge since the dogs were up all night crying about going outside, had to get up and let them out)
had my coffee


cleaned my oven!!

it's only 8 :36 am

it's going to be a good day!

later gators

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