Sunday, May 22, 2005

so why haven't I been here lately??

homespun 001
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this is why, I've been spinning.... this one is some alpaca I got from Trish, and some I got from alberta off ebay... it's so it..

also I'm still knitting socks started another pair of toe up socks with some yarn from knitpicks, gotta love their yarns!!

I'm thinking of getting 2 rabbits... not for fiber but for pets... just have to convince hubby to go along with it.... he just might since they will be outside pets.

Speaking of pets... when I started spinning, he said he's been thinking of how he can fence off the yard... you know, for sheep and alpaca... thataboy!!

later gators

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Anonymous said...

oooooooooh they look so nice! I am so jealous of the yarn you have been spinning!!