Monday, May 09, 2005

mom's bday ***CONTEST***

mom's bday 001
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It's mom's Birthday today..... she's "____" yrs old..... I really shouldn't say...

anywho, here the kids are starting to add the candles to the cake....

ok here's the contest, if you can tell me how many candles are on the cake I'll send you a skein of sock yarn that I dyed, (you can pick from the yarn I have for sale)

I'll take better pics of the yarn when the contest is over..

You have until Sat May 14th until 6 pm central time, if there is a tie, I'll draw a name from the tied ppl

Good Luck


Moze said...

I'm guessing 63.

Cathy said...

I'm guessing 70 candles.

However many I hope she had a happy birthday.


Unknown said...

55, and if she is older, she look like it ;-)

Suburban Hooker said...

Let's see.......I guess you have 50 candles on the cake!!!

Marlene said...

I'm guessing that your mom is 50, but there are only 29 candles on her cake. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am gonna guess 45 candles on the cake. But your mother is older ;)

NO matter how many there were there looks like a LOT!!