Tuesday, April 12, 2005

stuck in a hole

stuck in a hole
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lookie what happened the other day!!!

ever since we moved to this place, there's been a frost boil in the driveway every spring, well this yr is no different!! This yr it got so big it gobbled up Alberts truck!!, he was backing up and just missed it with the back tire but that front tire just slid right in there, the neighbour cam with a little garden tractor and couldn't budge the thing, so we had to call DAA they brought out the tow truck and 2 mins later he was out and on his way to town for coffee!!

and I have some good news, a Dollar store opened up here yesterday and I'm working at it!!

It's so cool, now we don't have to drive ALL the way to the city for cheap shopping!!

and the best part..........................

Employees get 20% discount!!

how much does that rock???

blog ya later

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amandazen said...

I love dollar stores, the only one in Boulder closed down :(