Thursday, April 21, 2005

self striping yarn

I gave it a go tonight and made some red, green, orange and blue self striping yarn, it's drying right now so will take a pic of it tomorrow, somewhere right where I was preparing the yarn I messed up on which dish I put the yarn in and did a red, green, red I wasn't to impressed, but it was only a couple color changes after I started so no big loss really.

Only 2 more days at the bakery... it's exciting and sad, I'm gonna miss working with some ppl there, and of course I'm gonna miss all the free soup for dinner... Florence makes the BEST homemade soup ever!! her Italian Tomato Macaroni is to die for!!!

I'm starting at the Dollar store on Monday.. I've had 4 days there here and there just to get my feet wet and to have a feel of the place.. and I really enjoy it.

ok off to bed

till next time...

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