Sunday, April 03, 2005

the end has come.....

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finally... yesterday after work I finished the scarf for Angela, it's just some kind of fun fur one.. no pic, I added the zipper to the vest she wanted, it's my first zipper and it actually zips ;~) yeah me.... and I crocheted up these mitts for Jana, they took me about 5 hours to make... thats what I love about crocheting, SO much faster than knitting, if I were knitting these babies I'm sure I'd still be doing the cuff of the first one... :~S

SO with that alll done and outta the way I also had time for about 1 inch of the backroads socks before I went to bed...I still have about 4 inched to do before I get to the toe...... we're heading out to the city today so will take them along to knit on the way there....

We're going over to my aunts place for supper, my uncle is coming down, and you know this will be the first time we've all been together since my cousin Ryan died.... DJ was just about 3 when that happened. ( he had cancer for 12 yrs and died just before his 14th B-day) Dj's 10 1/2 now....

It'll be so much fun, plus we're doing a bit of shopping too ;~)

my plans for after the backroads socks?? well I'm going to try out the sock yarn Kate had sent me and bust out a toes up pattern!! I've never made any knit toe up socks before... MANY crocheted ones tho, but those arn't good for in shoes they're more like slippers, and so comfy to wear around the house


Anonymous said...

Wow your blog comment thing is looking bizzare today!

I have emailed you that beanie pattern.

You are so lucky to have gotten so many orders done so fast! typical of me to have HUGE orders ;)


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the socks out of the yarn I sent you! You will have to tell me how toe up socks go! I am considering making them. There is a spot on knitty that tells you 3 ways of doing it.


Jewels said...

wow on your mitts you made!!