Tuesday, March 15, 2005

some FO's, WIP and spinning fun!!

I finished off the scarf for the girls bus driver, 2 more thing to finish for her... I finished 1 pair of slippers for a lady in the city, with 1 slipper done on pair #2, just have to tuck in the ends.

I also recieved the roving I bought off of eBay, I bought some more kool aid at the store to... ON SALE for 6/$1!!! what a deal,( it's regular .46 cents a pkg) so I went back and got a load more, so Kate if you want more kool aid just ask and I can get you a bunch for for cheap!!

I dyed about 1/2 of the roving and took a bunch and tried to spin it, and yep it's going to take me a bit to get the hang of it!! some of the yarn is as fat as my little finger and some is SO skinny!!, I'm going to keep it tho, it'll be fun to look back at later.. lol

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