Thursday, March 03, 2005

one foot warm

I finished one slipper last night.. yeah... only 7 more to go!!
woo hoo
I had typed out this big post yesterday, I highlighted it to change the color and accidentally hit the backspace button... aarrggggg....
so what I was trying to say was that the girls bus driver ( Angela) phoned and asked if I knit sweaters... ( I guess she asked DJ if I knit them and she said" Oh yeah She knits them ALL the time... ) liar liar pants on fire... she knows that I'm only working on my first one... lol..
Angela wants me to look at a sweater that her mom started at one point in her life and can't finish. If it's not a hard patternI probally can give it a whirl... she wants to give it to her mom so she can wear it... So I hope I can do a good job.
She also wants me to make a scarf for her mom out of some red chenille... I'm not to sure about a pattern tho... what do you think would look nice??
Kate I just can't wait till the package comes.... Im also waiting for some other too... like my yarn to dye and a Mystery pkg from Jan from the Happy Hookers site... it'll be like Christmas next week!!
In the computer news... I couldn't get the computer I wanted in town and have to go to the city when the monitor comes in.... for some reason they didn't ship them together, so the dude at Radio Shack is holding on to one for me... he said it'll take a day or 2 to get the monitor... and today is the second day.... I hope he phones today!!
I have to work all week again... The other lady who works at the bakery, well her step dad died last week, and he was the one who was helping to take care of her mom... Hope everyone there is doing ok.
well better get going
catchya later

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait to get my parcel from you! It will be like Christmas! I am meant to get one from someone else too but I dunno if she has sent that or ever will.
As for a scarf to knit. An elderly lady you cant go wrong with a lace one. something simple.