Sunday, February 06, 2005

went a shopin'

Went to see Dad yesterday... he's doing good, got out of the hospital yesterday morning!! he's pretty happy about that... couldn't stand the food!!

Went to the thritf shop there too... was looking for a sweater to take apart for yarn... BUT found these:
and wanted to knit something ont he way so made this:

ok I'm just trying some html in the post for the pics... so fingers crossed that it actually waork?!!?

ok for the purse... I wanted to practice cables so the cable runs all the way around and is the handle... its tiny... about 8 inches long and maybe 4 inches across, the handle is 10 inches.... I bought a fancy new zipper for it too... cost more that the yarn I used to make it!?!??! $3.20 for a 6 inch zipper?? wheres the justice in that??
Tell me what you think??


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