Monday, January 10, 2005

been froggin' all day!

kitten yarn
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isn't this just the cutest pic??
got it thru a e-mail, and had to share it!

well I found the sweater I'm going to make... or I should say 1 of the sweaters... the Ribby Cardi from I bought the pattern and have the yarn picked out, just using redheart, I wouldn't want to wreck good wool frogging my first sweater all the time.... ( yup, I'm forseeing the future!!) AND I also need a 4.00mm circ needle... I have mom on the hunt at her place.... I just don't have that size yet...

and I think one from the book "Knitting the New Classics", just a easy raglan I think....

I finished one of DJ's socks last night and cast on the next one too.... have about 1 1/2" of the ribbing, there's 2 inches of it... good thing too, I really hate doing 1x1 ribbing, I think it's moving the yarn back and forth all the time... I think for my next socks I'll do 2x2... it's not so bad...

till next time

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